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Magma forge

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Magma forge

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Job Requirement

Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Metalsmith, Metal crafter, Trapper, Mechanic

Materials Labors
Materials Used
Goods Created
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Not to be confused with Metalsmith's forge.

The magma forge is a workshop used by dwarves to turn metal bars into useful objects such as weapons, ammunition, armor, furniture, coins, trap components, metal crafts and ballista arrow heads without the need for fuel to heat the forge. For its counterpart that use fuel, see Metalsmith's forge.

To build a magma forge, you must have magma-safe materials (non-magma-safe materials will not be shown on the material list), an anvil, and a build site where at least one tile directly beneath one of its eight non-center tiles contains magma at a depth of 4/7 or greater.

Note that the anvil used to build a magma forge does need to be magma-safe—normally anvils can only be made from magma-safe materials, but strange moods can create artifact anvils which cannot be used at a magma forge (or, in the case of metals like zinc, at any forge).

Unlike previous versions, the Magma Forge no longer blocks open space into the molten rock below. If your dwarves (or any other creature) dodges into that open space they will be taking a magma bath.

While it is possible to construct a magma forge without open access to magma beneath any of its 9 squares, it will not operate (you will be unable to add tasks to the workshop). Note also that, like all workshops, the central tile must be built over solid ground, as it is required for a dwarf to stand there to use the workshop, and therefore cannot be the square used to access magma (you will be blocked from building the workshop).

Creatures can climb up through the open tile that the building is built on, making them a potential entry point into your fortress. The magma forge in older versions had an impassable tile that could be used to prevent this, but it has been removed as of v50.

Workshop labors and skills[edit]

Several different types of items can be created at a metalsmith's forge; dwarves will need the correct type of labor enabled for each. The labors used at a forge are:

Cost of items[edit]

The cost of a weapon or piece of armor in metal bars can be calculated by dividing its material size by three and rounding down, with no item costing less than one metal bar. The exception to this is some types of finished goods, which are created in different multiples from a single metal bar, depending on the skill of the Metal crafter. The table on the Melt page lists the cost of common items and their yields when melted.

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Notably, when testing weapons that were forged over magma, as opposed to weapons Forged in Fire, dwarves do not shout "It will kill" after slashing or bashing a nearby target.

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