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Furnace is an umbrella term for different related workshops that heat materials for different purposes. While a "wood furnace" may be the most basic of these, the list includes smelters and kilns. These different workshops often produce only intermediary products, items that are then used to create something else for the final product.

Every furnace-type workshop must be built from fire-safe materials.

Jobs at a furnace generally require fuel or, in the case of magma furnaces, the heat from magma - if the latter, they do not use up any magma but merely must be placed over it. To operate, magma version furnaces must be placed with one of their edge tiles above magma with depth of 4 or more. This can be accomplished by digging a channel for the magma, or hanging it directly over an open magma source.

Note that magma versions are not operable without magma. If the magma source fails, they cannot be used with fuel. If the magma depth falls below "depth = 4" at any time during operation (even for a single moment), any and all current job(s) will be cancelled in that workshop.

All furnaces are constructed using the Furnaces sub-menu (via b, e ).

See main articles for a full discussion of specific workshops, especially of magma versions.

Wood furnace[edit]

Turns wood logs into ash or charcoal.


Extracts metals from their ores, and produces coke from raw coal.

Magma smelter[edit]

  • Shortcut: b, e, l

Note: The only time the magma version uses charcoal or coke is in the recipe for pig iron and steel production.

Glass furnace[edit]

Turns raw sand into glass items.

  • Glass objects are final products

Magma glass furnace[edit]

  • Shortcut: b, e, a

Magma glass furnaces use only magma as a heat source and require no additional fuel. They produce the same objects as a regular glass furnace.


Used to fire clay into items, and to glaze some types of clay items. It also is used to produce gypsum plaster, pearlash, and quicklime.

  • Feeds into: pearlash for higher quality glass production
  • Plaster powder is a final product used by healthcare professionals.
  • Ceramic/clay (earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain) items are final products.

Magma kiln[edit]

  • Shortcut: b, e, n

Functions just like a regular kiln, but uses magma instead of fuel.

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