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Item value

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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

For value optimization, see Maximizing value.
For cultural values, see Personality trait.
For room values, see Zones: Quality and value.

Item value is determined by a number of factors: the form of the item, the material it is made out of, the quality of its creation, and any decorations on it.

The final value of an item is the base value of the form of the item (e.g. block or statue) multiplied by the material multiplier (e.g. granite or gold), multiplied by the quality modifier (e.g. fine or masterful) if any, then summed with the final value of all decorations.

Base values of items[edit]

The base value of an item is determined by the form of the item, not what it is made out of. For example, a wood block uses the base value for a block; a native gold block uses the same base value, since it too is in the form of a "block". In both cases, the final value is then determined by adjusting the base value with the appropriate modifiers.

Items without quality levels[edit]

Base Value Items
0 Body part, Corpse, Remains, small rock
1 glob, seed, alcohol, powder, extract, tree branches
2 Fish, unprepared fish, Meat, Egg, Plant, Leaves
3 Log, Stone
5 Bar, Block, Leather
6 Thread, Gem (rough)
10 Ballista arrowhead, cheese, Honeycomb
20 Gem (cut)
Varies live vermin, tame vermin

Items with quality levels[edit]

Misc. items[edit]

Base Value Items
1/50 Coin1
1 Die, Orthopedic cast
5 Paper & Papyrus sheets
7 Cloth2

Animal trap, Altar, Amulet, Anvil, Armor stand, Backpack, Barrel, Bed, Bin, Book, Bookcase, Bowl, Box, Bag, Bracelet, Bucket, Cabinet, Cage, Chain, Chair, Cleaver, Coffin, Crown, Crutch, Decoration3, Display Case, Door, Earring, Figurine, Flask, Floodgate, Fork, Goblet/mug/cup, Grate, Hatch cover, Helve, Hive, Instrument (non-main components), Jug, Knives, Ladle, Large gem, Large pot, Millstone, Mortar, Nest box, Pedestal, Pestle, Pipe section, Pouch, Prepared meal4, Quiver, Quern, Ring, Scepter, Scroll Roller, Slab, Stone axe, Splint, Table, Totem, Toy, Weapon rack, Trap component

20 Quire/Scroll, Siege ammo, Traction bench
25 Window, Statue
30 Ballista part, Catapult part, Mechanism
50 Cauldron, Instrument (main part), Minecart, Parchment sheet, Stepladder, Wheelbarrow
200 Parchment Quire/Scroll
variable5 Weapon, Armor, Shoe, Shield, Helm, Glove, Ammo, Pants
  • 1) Coins minted at a forge are always of base quality
  • 2) Goods made out of cloth get the following built in as decorations: the cloth (with quality mod) and the thread (without quality). Dyes are added separately (with quality), as a powder, not a decoration.
  • 3) "Decorations" include "It is decorated with <material>", "It is encircled with bands of <material>", "It is adorned with hanging rings of <material>", "This object menaces with spikes of <material>", "On this object is an image of <description> in <material>", "It is studded with <metal>". Decorations of bolts have a 1/3 base value instead.
  • 4) Prepared meals always have a base value of 10, with a quality modifier. Each ingredient is calculated separately, with its own base value and "minced" quality modifier. The total value of a meal stack is the sum of the above values multiplied by the total quantity, regardless of the proportion of ingredients. A more thorough explanation and example exists at the Cook page.
  • 5) These items have their value based on their properties - see categories below:


The base value of a melee weapon is (SIZE / 50) + 1; if the weapon has any EDGE attacks, its value is doubled. Ranged weapons simply have a value of 10.


The base value of a single unit of ammo is (SIZE / 200) + 1.

Value listed is for a single bolt, not stacks of bolts. Multiply the single value by the stack size for total value of a stack. (e.g. 1 bar of metal = stack of 25 bolts, etc.)


The base value of a shield is (UPSTEP * 3) + BLOCKCHANCE + 1.
  • UPSTEP cannot be greater than 3
  • BLOCKCHANCE cannot be greater than 100


The base value of a helm is (LAYER_SIZE / 5) + (COVERAGE / 20) + 1.
  • LAYER_SIZE and COVERAGE cannot be greater than 100

Armor / torso[edit]

(Note - When DF speaks of clothing, "armor" refers to anything worn on the torso, i.e. shirts, vests, togas, robes, etc., which all do provide some small protection, as well as breastplates and chain shirts. Combat-quality "armor" pieces are listed here by their location.)

The base value of a piece of armor is ((UBSTEP + LBSTEP) * 3) + (LAYER_SIZE / 5) + (COVERAGE / 10) + 1.
  • UBSTEP and LBSTEP cannot be greater than 3
  • LAYER_SIZE and COVERAGE cannot be greater than 100


The base value of a pair of pants is (LBSTEP * 3) + (LAYER_SIZE / 5) + (COVERAGE / 10) + 1
  • LBSTEP cannot be greater than 3
  • LAYER_SIZE and COVERAGE cannot be greater than 100

Hand- & footwear[edit]

The base value of a shoe or glove is (UPSTEP * 3) + (LAYER_SIZE / 5) + (COVERAGE / 30) + 1.
  • UPSTEP cannot be greater than 3
  • LAYER_SIZE and COVERAGE cannot be greater than 100
* Gauntlets and boots are made 2 at a time from a single bar, effectively doubling the total value of the final items.

Material multipliers[edit]

The material multiplier for an item is found from the [MATERIAL_VALUE:#] tag in the raws for the material it is made out of, and can be further augmented using [MULTIPLY_VALUE:#]. A wood block uses the same material multiplier as a wood log or a wooden chest - that is the material value for wood, which is 1.


Item value is further increased by applying the quality multiplier and bonus.

Designation Description Value
 Item Name —     ×1  +0
-Item Name- Well-crafted ×1.1  +3
+Item Name+ Finely-crafted ×1.2  +6
*Item Name* Superior quality ×4/3  +10
≡Item Name≡ Exceptional ×1.5  +15
☼Item Name☼ Masterful ×2  +30
Unique Name Artifact ×20  +300