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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

If you are looking for the symbols that flash over a dwarf icon, see status icon.

Premium status bar with all food stocks categories.

This bar shows some status information about your fortress and its residents.

Fortress name and status[edit]

The fortress name in both the Dwarven language and English, and the classification of the fortress within your civilization. Hovering the mouse pointer over this reveals a tooltip showing the fortress' wealth; this requires a broker with appraisal and is affected by bookkeeping accuracy.

Fortress wealth[edit]

Wealth tooltip in Premium.
  • Created wealth. This figure is slightly misleading; it is the total value of goods that currently exists in your fortress that you have created, and that you have not exported. Presumably, this is one of the ways that the game calculates how advanced your fortress is, for determining how likely you are to receive immigration, get besieged, or get better trade goods from caravans.
    • Created wealth by category.
  • Imported Wealth represents the total value of foreign-made goods in your fortress. Therefore, this includes the value of things such as the clothes brought in by immigrants, the equipment dropped by dead goblin invaders, and so forth. However, foreign-made goods that have been decorated, processed or consumed (such as food) do not count towards this total. Goods that are stolen (by rhesus macaques, for example) seem to count towards this total despite the fact that they are no longer on the map.
  • Exported Wealth represents the total value of goods made by your fortress that you have traded to other civilizations.

A hypothetical example: You buy (rope reed cloth) worth 50; this increases imports by 50. You then make the cloth into a rope reed bag worth 100. This reduces imports by 50 (since it is no longer considered by the game to be foreign-made). Created wealth increases by 100. You then export the bag. Created wealth decreases by 100, and exports increase by 100.

Population and happiness levels[edit]

The total population and how many are at each of seven various stress levels. To see who is at which level, the units window can be sorted by stress.

Stocks button[edit]

Opens the Stocks windows, also has the keyboard shortcut k.

Food stocks[edit]

This section may not display as many categories depending on the game display resolution and UI scaling settings.

The total amount of food, drink, seeds, meat, fish, plant, and other items in your fortress. These all may have question marks until you have a bookkeeper with the record keeper skill. Depending on how many items there are, and how precise you request the counts, you will get more accurate numbers. Note that the bookkeeper will need an office to take inventory, and it will take some time. Also note that the 'Other' class includes immediately edible items (e.g. prepared meals, cheese), potentially edible items (e.g. flour, syrup), and inedible items (e.g. dye), and is therefore an unreliable indicator of a fortress' food stores.


The current weather or moon phase, calendar date, season, and world year. The tooltip listing what is in the tile the mouse pointer is at is displayed below here.