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Monasteries (Icon site monastery.png / ) are a type of religious site, taking up a 3×3 square of tiles on an embark map, and are built by monastic orders, which are headed by an abbot.

They always have one each of the following structures: a dormitory which will be lined with beds, a canteen which will contain two rows of tables and chairs of wildly-varying materials, a warehouse consisting of a few empty rooms, and a temple, a religious site in the shape of a multi-floor rectangular building with engraved walls and statues scattered about. The engravings and statues are predominantly religious in nature, featuring the object of worship and the ascension of custom-named priests. On the bottom-most floor, pedestals are kept for storing artifacts.

In addition to the main four structures, there will be a number of shrines, statues standing outside, surrounded with varying patterns in the earth. There is a maximum of five shrines to a monastery, though it is currently unknown if the minimum number is 1 or 0. These shrines will sometimes have small altars beside them, which will sometimes contain divination dice.

Monasteries may be the destinations of pilgrims, who travel there to see the site, or stop there; on the way to a more prominent holy place. They are also populated by prophets.

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