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40d:Video tutorials

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This article is about an older version of DF.

The following video tutorials are great for new players. They are a salvation for many problems nearly everybody has in the beginning.

These very popular videos are done by Captain Duck (YouTube channel, Forum Post)

Part Content Links
Fort 1: "Demonbutter" Playlist
01 World generation & Finding a site Youtube HD, Gamevee
02 Preparing the Journey Youtube HD, Gamevee
03 Understanding the DF world & Naming Dwarfs Youtube HD, Gamevee
04 Mining and making beds Youtube HD, Gamevee
05 Making Bedrooms, farms and stairs Youtube HD, Gamevee
06 Dining rooms and dealing with refuse Youtube HD, Gamevee
07 Brewing, labor options and dumping Youtube HD, Gamevee
08 Bedroom, crafting, trading Youtube HD, Gamevee
09 Crafting and Hotkeys Youtube HD, Gamevee
10 Migrants, Military and Requests Youtube HD, Gamevee
11 Requests, Training and Specialized Stockpiles Youtube HD, Gamevee
12 Patrols, Bins, Entrance, Walls Youtube HD, Gamevee
13 Trading, Migrants and Defense Youtube HD, Gamevee
14 Moods, crossbows, engraving Youtube HD, Gamevee
15 Forging part 1 Youtube HD
16 Forging part 2, Fortifications Youtube HD
17 Butchering & Cooking Youtube HD
18 Leather & Wells Youtube HD
19 Ambush & Coffins Youtube HD
20 Siege & Traps Youtube HD
Extra 01 Under Siege Youtube HD
21 Nobles & managing Youtube HD
22 End of Fort 1 & 3D view Youtube HD
Fort 2: "Breakfastgears" Playlist
23 Start of fort 2, Magma pipe & Underground river Youtube HD
24 Dragons & Sieges Youtube HD
25 Water channeling & U-tubes Youtube HD
26 Floodgates, Levers and Bridges. Youtube HD
Extra 02 Traps and Goblins Youtube HD
27 Magma Forging, roads & ponds Youtube HD
28 Glass Making Youtube HD
29 Adamantine & BAD END Youtube HD
30 Machinery 1, Safety & Building Youtube HD
31 Machinery 2, examples Youtube HD
32 Taking care of caged enemies 1 Youtube HD
33 Taking care of caged enemies 2 Youtube HD
34 Flooding & Spiking the demons Youtube HD
35 Keeping Demons behind bars Youtube HD
36 Siege Weapons, Disarming enemies & Arena Youtube HD
37 Caving in the Demons Youtube HD
38 Demons, Dwarven Justice & Economy Youtube HD
Extra 03 Arena Filler Youtube HD
39 2D Tour Youtube HD
40 3D tour & The End Youtube HD

While being a great effort they are missing out on quite a few important details you might want to read up on here in the wiki instead:

  • Whats that red line next to goblins?
  • Why do I want certain stone layers (like sedimentary flux)?
  • I want steel? Do I need flux for steel production?
  • Whats the point of choosing one home civilization over another?
  • Why do I want turtles instead of perch and why is it important not to cook them?
  • What's the rope used for? And why might I pick thread instead?
  • What are skills versus labor? Why not max them out? (seriously!)
  • Why do I not need a proficient Woodcutter?
  • Why should I give one dwarf novice skill in appraiser and judge of intent?
  • Why is the digging pattern in 'Tutorial part 04' a bad idea? (Well, you can tell that from watching - don't have circular setups or pathing in general that gives your dwarves 2 identical paths to choose from)